M to the Power 2

M to the Power 2

Good things come in small packages, right? Small powerful packages if you’re the BMW M GmbH division. It's been over 30 years since we had the first M car which fitted that description, the E30 M3, and over 6 years since the now infamous 1M coupe was launched.

Yes, we will never see something quite like the E30 M3 from 1987 in these modern times, but the 1M coupe was as close to a modern equivalent as you could get at that time. And what a car it was, still changing hands now for as much as they cost back in 2011. The 1M was always going to be a hard act to follow for BMW, just as the E30 was for the 1M. But the 2 series chassis and body has lent itself perfectly to be given the full M treatment, so make no mistake - this is a proper M car.

Running a modified S55 engine- found in the M140i- the M2's N55 power plant pushes out 365 bhp and 465 Nm of torque. But this car is more than a couple of numbers. Like all M powers cars,it's when you add up all the little tweaks and changes and aim the car towards your favourite B-road, do you then realise it's a proper M car. A cold morning start-up will give you the first hint, the trademark quad tailpipes emitting a meaningful rumble before coming off the high idle.

Sitting inside the M2 everything is where you would expect it to be. This is a 2 series after all. But a few things help set it apart from the standard range model,the carbon trim, blue stitching, those familiar grey dials. Our car is fitted with the optional M DCT 7 speed gearbox, the big paddles taking prominent place behind the thick rimmed M steering wheel. The car suits both the 6 speed manual and the DCT, but for everyday use I have to say the paddle option is far more appealing.

This car is as much a daily driver as it is a track day toy, and when left to its own devices in full auto mode it is as easy to drive gently as it is hard.

And that brings us to the handling of the M2, a place where it needs to shine and provide the driver with fine balance and feedback just like the savage 1M and the legendary E30. The car feels small and nimble, change of direction happens seemingly before you have even thought about it, the specifically set up M Differential does a good job of putting the power down even in damp conditions. And it can offer you as little or as much adjust-ability as you like depending on your mood.

I have been lucky enough to have driven this car on and off track and to me the car just feels the right size. Not intimidating, and the right amount of power to weight to have fun without doing silly speeds. It’s the right mix of familiar BMW to feel at home inside,but the swollen rear arches and wider track give the car a huge road presence and you look back at the car knowing you have driven something special.

Our demonstrator model (in the photographs) is on site for potential customers to get a feel for the M2 under road driving conditions, and experience the car before purchase. We also have a showroom model finished in stunning Long Beach Blue and fitted with the full carbon fibre M Performance aerodynamic kit, ready for its new owner. If you have not seen the car outside the magazines and internet, it’s a must for any M fan - or car fan for that matter - to come and view.

If you have any questions M related or are looking for your next M Power car, we have a varied range of stock to view on site and you can of course build your dream specification with us, in any M model you desire.

If you have any questions about our demonstrator model or show room car, then please get in touch with our M specialist for this or any of the other M Power cars we have.